Two new Arista-related articles

Guessing these will be worth reading.

The Road To 400G Ethernet Is Paved With Bechtolsheim’s Intentions…

Looks like a good article. I look forward to reading it.

… “If you asked Ita [Brennan, our CFO] and me whether we would have 50 percent growth increases in 2017, we certainly did not forecast it,” Ullal said. “It came upon us suddenly because the cloud titans suddenly had a use case and an application. So, when we look at the overall year and when we look at how to plan the year, just like we did in 2017, we think a growth rate in the 20 percent to 30 percent range with an average of 25 percent is a very, very good growth rate. It is not cautious. It is realistic. And if something really good happens beyond that, that’s great. Or if something really bad happens, we will let you know. Hope is not a strategy. This is our best effort at predicting what that growth would be.

There’s also a new Seeking Alpha article to peruse. Arista Networks is a Buy Again:…

With the decline, and a bit more commentary on the nature behind the conservative guidance (bolded in the excerpt above), Arista is getting close to being a great value. I’m tempted to consider getting a 5th “3rd” soon.


What’s amazing is how rapidly the lane speed changes are being increased (50 to 100 and 100 to 400) and specifically how quickly the active life of each lane change is being reduced. With that in mind, it appears the change from 100 to 400 should be something less less than 2 years out. Great chart (5fh chart down) in the first article showing this. As Andy Bechtoldstein says, customers buy the newest upgrade in speed just as quickly as Arista produces it.