Tysons reports loss. Consumers are trimming meat purchases


Raising prices to pass through cost increases is getting more difficult.

Beef prices are outrageous. Shipping costs are moderating. When will the industry trim its fat and cut prices. Oops, after Nixon’s price fixing, no doubt they will announce temporary “sale prices” rather than cut prices.


I shop my local HEB here in TX. We see St Louis ribs on sale for $1.77 and pork shoulder for 88 cents every few weeks. Hamburger and beef chunks like roast are usually in the $5 range so we eat less beef, more pork and chicken. Last week drums and thighs were less than $1/lb in family packs. We love fish and go fishing every summer to load up the freezer with trout and redfish. Beef is outrageous…doc


I have been seeing “sale” prices on beef for years now. BOGO every now and then, but usually 30% to 50% off happens every few weeks or so. I stock up (8-10 steaks) every now and then, so I lock in the price for that purchase.

Due to my, and DW’s cardiologists recommendations, we’ve cut way back to near zero beef, a bit of pork or lamb chops, maybe once a month, and mostly chicken, fish in our diets… So distribution houses are going down the drain if they rely on seniors for their operational successes…

Not vegan here, but we do avoid stuff that may clog things up…

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Gee, I thought they decided proteins and fats are good for you. Its those transfats (and carbs) that cause the trouble.