Winter Meat Sales

They say watch for January white sales. It’s also the best time for meat sales. A great time to stock your freezer.

Schnucks is one of the regional grocery chains in the St. Louis area. Today they are advertising 25% off sales on a variety of cuts of beef.

Rump Roast $5.61/lb

They also have Eat Well their Whole Foods equivalent. They have round roast on sale for $3.99/lb. They advertised chuck roast at the same price but were out of stock today.

Schnucks also has pork b@tt on sale for $1.29/lb. In St. Louis, we slice them into pork steaks, a local specialty. Store will slice if for you for free.

The ability to get a 3 lb beef roast for $12 looks very attractive. In recent times you could pay double that.

A great time to stock the freezer.

They say beef consumption is declining in the US. Tysons recently announced closing some plants due to decreasing profitability. Ranchers are complaining too about low profitability. Some may be forced out of business (they say due to rising land values). Or will we have steaks raised in a fermentation tank?

Enjoy it while you can.


Personally, I buy chuck roasts on sale and grind it into hamburger and chili meat. I had chili tonight from a roast that I ground up last night. Fresh ground chuck makes hamburgers like we used to eat back in the good old days…doc


I remember when meat cost pennies in the early 2000, though even so not everyone could afford it. Although even now if you want to eat at least 1-2 times a week a juicy piece of steak, it is worth at least to understand how price analytics works, to understand how and where to take cheaper. Today, by the way, I found a good article about this . Probably explained most clearly here. And what is our country coming to, if an honest worker can no longer eat properly after work without knowledge of how to buy meat correctly. It’s horrible.

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