U.S. will be short 67,000 chip workers by 2030


“The chip industry’s workforce is projected to grow to 460,000 by the end of the decade, up from roughly 345,000 this year. But at the current rate that people are graduating from schools, the U.S. will not produce enough qualified workers to fill the increase, according to the study prepared by the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) and Oxford Economics.”


Maybe the chip factories will be built in Canada instead, because that country welcomes immigrants, instead of being openly hostile to them?


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For now, there are reports of grumbles.

No one is in the please take my job mode. Or take lesser pay because you are illegal and bring down my wages as well, thank you mode.

I posted, a few days ago, about Canada becoming a much more attractive destination for highly skilled immigrants, than the US. Canada had a trial program, aimed directly at current US H1B visa holders, recently. There were 10,000 slots in the trial program. They were all filled in two days, because the obstacles being put in front of legal US immigrants that want to become legal permanent residents and citizens are increasingly seen as not worth dealing with.



We do not spend to educate our people here because it is much more economically efficient to bring in educated people from other countries. Those other countries spend like crazy to educate them.

We have a huge potential in the US to educate people better.

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