Younger workers should take heart. There will be jobs

But without immigrants, will there be workers?


Where has it ever been said there will not be immigrants?

Huh? There are proposals in place to both conduct mass deportations and severely restrict legal immigration.

Imagine a scenario where only the spouse and children of legal citizens are allowed in the country, plus a small group of “the best and brightest”.

It’s been said, documented, and reported. Obviously, this would have an enormously catastrophic impact on the US economy.

Seems like a lot of people aren’t picking up what’s been put down. They’re not smelling what’s been stepped in. They’re not digging up what’s been buried…do some homework.

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Well, I tried Gemini to search for current proposals that would do just that but it said it was still learning how to answer the question and try Google Search. But like any proposal, so just are never going to happen.

I haven’t lived in the US for 20 years now so I don’t exactly following politicians that closely but of all the debating around want to do about the inflow migratants, I not heard it suggested to close off legal immigration. Have faith corporate lobbies wont let it happen

iirc, some 90% of legal immigration is via “chain migration”, where family members of legal immigrants enter legally. Seems a faction has a problem with one person allowed in, bringing in his siblings, children, spouse, and parents, then those people allowed to bring in their other relatives.

And that famous proposal to deport millions of people supposedly here illegally.

Hence, the moves in several states to increase the use of child labor, to replace the low/no skill labor that is already in short supply, and would get shorter if immigrants, both legal and illegal, are removed.



Meanwhile, in other threads people are concerned about the humanoid robots and AI taking all the jobs and there will be no jobs (for humans) needed.



Talk of proposals that never happen. Were these proposals just from one man’s speech? Were they proposed in a bill? Lots of extreme things are proposed and never happen.

Pretty much. This one is as likely as a 44% capital gains tax rate and a 25% unrealized capital gains tax rate. LOL. :rofl:

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Free speech unreported political money will insure we do have sufficient illegal and therefore controllable by employers workers, do not have control over our borders nor politically significant labor unions.

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They move the markets anyway. For example, the parsing of what the Fed Chairman says. Remember bubblevision’s chattering about the Greenspan “briefcase indicator”, and “whisper numbers”? Remember how CAT soared in late 16, based on chatter about a big public works program? The red line marks October 2016 $83.46. The green line marks December 17 $157.58, when the “big public works program”, was replaced by a slate of “JC” tax cuts.

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 20-21-49 Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) Stock Price News Quote & History - Yahoo Finance

Don’t find the connection to the original post or my response.

Don’t find the connection to the original post or my response.

I thought the point was clear enough: chatter alone moves markets. Chatter that there will be a shortage of unskilled/semiskilled workers in the US, and planned factories move somewhere else, where an abundant supply of cheap labor exists. Chatter that there will be a huge subsidy for building chicken coops in the US, and no-one builds a coop, no matter how badly needed, in anticipation of the subsidy being enacted.


There are worlds of difference of clarity in your previous post and this one. Sure, markets short term respond to chatter… still stand by that the US will always have immigration even if they attempt or remove some illegal immigrants. I don’t think some anti-immigration chatter causes factories to move offshore as much as the simple economics of it and the trade agreements between countries; the actual rules in place more than the chatter. You can always find exceptions…

I’ve spent 45 of my 55 years as an immigrant in 2 different countries so far; i’m always in danger of being expelled as I take a job from a local or any other potential violation of local rules

Like jettisoning Roe v Wade?

Yep from 1981 to 2020 taxes on the wealthy have been low. Not much for corporations to write off if they built a factory here. Those are the economics.

Seems a result of policy, not chatter.

Hardly know much on RvW, only tried to understand it when it got overturned. Seemed there was a strategic mistake not to codify when there was a chance or even trying to challenge a state law that end up bring this case to the SC. Seems neither side can talk about reasonable comprimises that result in some unfortunate outcomes. But I would have to spend a lot more time on the subject.

Depends on what side you are on, you think the extremes of the other side is a given I suppose. Still don’t think the US will ever severely restrict immigration compared to most other countries

We are redirecting immigration from Central and South America to stay in Mexico. There is a worse labor shortage there. We are building factories there.

We are all serious about restricting immigration.

The thrust for stupid is to get things done. Later on people who were clueless will find it the things done were mistakes. Costly economic blunders.

We are paying heavy taxes on imported goods. It is working to bring production back here. The truth is building roads and utilities up to factory doors is all that matters. The tariffs are political theater. But they were done with a sharp-edged stick to the eye.

I can’t really make sense of US immigration policy. Random people coming across the board is not a policy, even if you need workers.
The boarder issue seems to cause the political theatre that stops from figuring out an immigration policy to bring in all the workers that are needed.

As far as tariffs, generally not supportive.

In this week’s jobs report in Table A-7 we find numbers for the labor force, broken down by foreign-born and native-born. Numbers in millions.

             Population   Chg, YoY
Foreign-born   48.31      + 1.54
Native-born   219.93      + 0.09
              Employed    Chg, YoY
Foreign-born   30.90      + 0.64
Native-born   130.44      - 0.30


The solution is straightforward and we could fix it fairly quickly if we so choose. From that I conclude the current policy is what is wanted.


Yes, and we have discussed it here on this board ad nauseum to no avail.

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