Ubnt and net neutrality

Anyone been thinking about the impact on internet access and net neutrality?

With news that Netflix will pay for higher speed and FCC considering allowing preferred speed I started thinking about my recent experience with getting internet access with a small provider using ubnt equipment.

My old provider limited my upload volume and used comcast for their bandwidth. This would have faster netflix, but slower iTunes, Facebook, small websites, etc., unless those sites paid comcast for faster throughput.

My new provider uses ubnt to give radio access from our country home to a city 10 miles away, where they have a fast connection to a data center 60 miles away. This data center gives them internet bandwidth without having to use comcast. I have no upload limits, and the speed is at least 5 times faster. We don’t get tv coverage but instead use Apple TV. We use netflix, amazon streaming, and iTunes. It is also 25% cheaper. We get our news through apps on our iPads.

If net neutrality goes away small providers using ubnt could bypass providers like Comcast and go with neutral providers. Those provides could be google, amazon, etc.

I keep thinking about the ubnt CEO saying wireless to the data center.
“Wireless networking is at an inflection point where it can completely replace wired networking everywhere but the data center,” said Robert J. Pera, CEO at Ubiquiti Networks. “Ubiquiti is the first company to put high performance, scalable coverage, and affordability in range of any organization, and our rapid growth is a testament to that.”

Ubnt may be the best company to help bypass access controllers like Comcast, AT&T, charter, etc.

I’m not sure I have the logic on this and wonder what others think about this.



That’s some great thinking Iain and to tell you the truth I wasn’t thinking in that direction. But you are correct. UBNT would be a great play on net neutrality. Any company could by pass any of the last mile provider’s and go directly to the data centers. I was in a data center yesterday that was being just being turned up. There first week in existence. We could see more and more of these being put into existence. I am not saying it will be a land rush but I can see them being built out. Thanks for you view point.