UK and EU strike deal to solve Northern Ireland post-Brexit challenge

… hailed liked a landmark deal by both sides.

Practical implications not too clear yet, but perhaps the important note is that it may allow once again more amicable UK/EU relations, and further deals going forward:

The United Kingdom and the European Union have struck a new deal on post-Brexit trading arrangements for Northern Ireland after more than a year of wrangling and political acrimony. Standing alongside European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hailed a “decisive breakthrough” which “will start making a positive difference to people’s lives in Northern Ireland almost immediately.”

The new plans, dubbed the “Windsor Framework,” will scrap some checks on goods crossing from the rest of the United Kingdom into Northern Ireland, and give Northern Irish lawmakers greater say over future EU rules.

Both sides insist the agreement marks a “new chapter” in EU-UK relations — but in Belfast, the jury’s still out. …

The UK government’s motivation for closer ties may be strengthened by ongoing food shortages in British supermarkets:


Mocking the UK is a massive blow by blow affair. My Irish cousins take part with a vengeance. It is so ugly it is beautiful.

After all the only real reason for the UK to leave the EU was ethnic nonsense. The economic bull was never real and did not pan out.

The actual irony is if the UK ever gets it act together the country will ride with the US into demand side econ and industrial power. But the Brexit was about using people with supply side econ and messing up the UK economy more.

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