UK heat pump costs

Heat pump costs soar because Britain’s radiators are ‘too small’…
Homeowners trying to install eco-friendly heat pumps have been left with surprise £30,000 bills after it emerged millions of radiators are too small to work with the new technology. The Government wants 600,000 heat pumps installed every year by 2028, in line with its “net zero” aims, but the majority of homes may need thousands of pounds worth of upgrades to accommodate them.

Heat pumps need larger radiators to achieve the same heat output as gas boilers, which heat water to much higher temperatures.

Some 99% of British homes do not have radiators large enough to heat a room on the coldest winter’s day, using a low-temperature heat pump, the most common model, according to a Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy study. “High temperature” heat pumps can help fix this but 90% of homes would still need better radiators.


Doesn’t take a genius to realize that radiators designed for 180 degree water aren’t going to work too well with water at 100F or lower.

Had a heat pump in my VA rural house. (no gas line in sight)… OK but not great. Kicked on ‘resistance heat’ when it got below 20F. Had wood stove as backup.

Crapped out after five years (transfer valve) and costs $$$ to fix.

Had second heat pump in DC area in townhouse. OK…worked but also kicked on resistance heat when down below 30F …crapped out after five years…transfer valve again…common problem. $$$$ repair.

Moved to TX with nice gas heat. Furnace lasted 28 years…had to replace…works nice. Nice hot heat down to five below. Another heat pump? Not any time soon. Have a/c units (SEER 15 now)…they last about 10-12 years here…before $$$ repair.

Heat pumps are better, but it will be hard to replace gas or oil boilers in older UK homes or in much of the US with radiators in their houses.