Ukraine Destroys Russian Navy Ship

The Alligator Class landing ship is capable of carrying and landing hundreds of troops with a mixture of Tanks and AFVs (Armoured Fighting Vehicles). Dates back to the 1960s. “Claims” probably “Confirmed” as there are pictures.

I love the moral of the Ukraine military, they are winning and they know it. They are looking for Russian butts to kick where ever they can find them. Story mentions two other ships, both are also old landing ships. Perhaps the Russians were hoping to open a new front?


Russian ship attacked by Ukrainian navy in battle for port of Berdyansk

Ukraine’s navy claims to have destroyed a large landing ship near the occupied port city of Berdyansk days after Russian state media filmed it unloading reinforcements.

Analysts believe that the Orsk, an Alligator-class landing ship, was hit by ballistic missiles. Large explosions and heavy smoke were seen in the area. “That’s only the beginning,” a Ukrainian military source told The Times.


Ukrainian forces have been bolstered by the dramatic destruction of a major Russian landing ship as it brought in supplies to its troops, as Moscow was accused of forcibly deporting thousands of people from the besieged city of Mariupol.

As Ukrainian forces struggled to hold the flattened city, it was claimed that civilians in captured territory were being deceived into leaving shelters to be bussed out to Russian camps by soldiers wielding loudhailers.

Officials said 15,000 residents of the encircled city had been deported so far after being told by the soldiers that Ukraine had abandoned them, with some sent as far as the Russian island of Sakhalin in the Pacific.…