Ukraine's mostly unpredicted offensive

Ukraine has NOT mounted the cable tv hyped type counter-offensive. The Russkies had too many minefields and strong trenches and weather luck for a “breakthrough the front somewhere and pour in behind” counteroffensive the Ukrainians spoke of and the USA news idiots are still discussing. The Ukrainians did probing moves that revealed too great dangers, and a few minor successful tactical attacks, and have since shifted to a different strategy:

Cut off Russian supplies and logistic support and starve them of food, artillery shells, and other crucial supplies in crucial sectors of the war by attacking weaker Russian lines near crucial roads and railroads.

That effort is going well, and has just (two days ago) entered a new phase as Ukrainian troops are now very close to a crucial roadway chokepoint.

You would never know any of that from listening to or reading popular English lanuage news.

david fb
(one wounded old friend in Kyiv and another much younger friend, I know not where, except currently under fire…)
(check out Denys Davydov for my favorite daily coverage, he is a professional Ukrainian commercial airlines pilot who has been doing a non-professional but always revealing daily news since the invasion began


I am happy Ukrainians are claiming this new strategy. But do not trust we did not whisper this strategy in their ears. We need them to own it with pride. We also can not afford them to have heavy battle losses. A war of attrition would be won by the Russians.

As for the news nuts…who says they do not know what they are saying? In times of war they spread misinformation for their foreign readers in Russia. NYT leading the charge.

America knows how to do war.


This was in the news…

Since America is already in primary season and one side wants to end the war while the other wants to keep bleeding the Russians, this war has become a political football and that affects the “news” the American public is fed.

The Captain


The side that wants to end the war would be in a pickle if they come to power because they want the war as well. Shows you how weak minded they are. We were told who blew up the bridge. We were not lied to about this. You are assuming wrongly we were lied to about who blew up the bridge.

The only thing that is all or nothing about this war is Putin’s life.

As far as I´ve seen Medvedev is the one who has threatened several times to use atomic weapons. And he’s certainly not the only one who would use highly destructive weapons if necessary.


Would he use them on Red Square when the Russians rise against Putin?

There is no other target.

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I don’t think that any demonstrations against Putin could reach the scale of the demonstrations which took place in France a few weeks ago.
Besides, the Red Square could easily become Tianmen Square in a few minutes.

Who would have thought that t r u d e a u would ever dare to do what he did in 2021 in a country where freedom of speech should be respected much more than in Russia and China?
If he dared to treat the Canadian people the way he treated them, then in Russia anything is possible.
With or without Putin.

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What did he do?


Truckers, truckers, truckers, truckers, truckers, truckers…

The Captain


Blocking traffic is childish. Life goes on without them.

We live in times when radical activists (like stop the oil or the last generation) are protected and those who work and provide for our daily needs are bullied, punished, fired or even arrested.

But life goes on without them, sez you.


Thanks Captain; but I’m fully aware of what transpired. I was just interested in seeing what the OPs warped viewpoint might have been.


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They were not doing any of that at the time!


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People were runover in the chest beating we have to have supply side economics to thrive nonsense. It was utter crap. The lies were massive. The economic logic missing entirely.

This leaves a generation of people who have no clue what they were supporting. Not one person in the country is running today on supply side econ because at was a massive disaster. We have $32 tr in debt and we have had no industrial policy till 2022…since 1981.

It is sheerly lazy to think anything along the lines of supply side econ ever worked. So yes even if those workers did not know anything at all regardless of the chest pumping…we will leave them behind entirely.

We can not do what has never worked since 1981.

This means without a shift in your truckdrivers other groups are being brought in for a larger consensus to move on or more accurately leave behind those who disagree.

Yeah the chest pumping never ends. Just a different group doing it. All the same.

The big thing is the other groups forming the consensus will be rewarded.

Go do what you want truck drivers and folks. This is a free nation. But be on the wrong side of things and you are right the rewards will go down. You will get less.

But hey since 1981 while you were chest pumping dear truck drivers you got less and less from the people who entirely lied to you.

Wake up!

This maybe Orwellian but the truth. A tax cut is a tax hike. A budget cut is less money for you even if you were not on welfare. An America First policy is a Russian dictatorship first policy.

Wake up! Just because it sounds good does not mean it is good. Usually in sales it is a lie.

We can not let the kids who came in last in school decide what our economics policies are based on who lies to them the most.

Tag Germany you are it. You have the liars taking over now. Your turn to take one for team capitalism.

@clubbervision6 We are going to build the USA. The policies are in place and more policies will be added. Honestly I have no idea what you want.

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I approve of the right to peacefully protest. There will be disagreement and confrontation which needs to be resolved in a civilized manner. The Canadian response was less than civilized. It was plain thugish.

The Captain


@captainccs I also want peaceful civilized confrontations and discussions.

The reason you have who will butter everyone’s toast v who will run up the debt and only lie to everyone.

I will take that bet every day of the week.

I want most of us in the states doing a lot better economically. That includes every demographic.

When dealing with extremists, extreme measures must be taken. That wasn’t a peaceful protest, people from the United States were fomenting it along with anti-government forces. Once you cross the line from peaceful to destructive, you have lost your rights to protest. Full stop. I do not care who you are, what your beliefs are, what group you are. Once you go from peaceful to destructive the police or government has the right to get the protest under control.



Breaking the law is breaking the law concerning damage to property or hurting other people.

Protests can not include that.



Your statement was inclusive of workers. That is offensive. Most workers would NEVER be associated with the trucker nonsense.

You are assuming something you should not be.

As do I; but this wasn’t peaceful and it was definitely dangerous as they blocked emergency access and blew their truck horns most of the day and night and ran the engines constantly. The residents were essentially under siege. And a lot of this was fomented by American Thugs.