Ukraine's Offensive Against Russia Is Now Focused Not Just On Ukraine: Moscow Is Burning: Huge Explosion In Moscow As The Russian Tower In Bryansk Collapses!

Cued it to 1:33 where it picks up about the huge explosion inside Moscow. A gas plant fire spread over 200 meters and black clouds of smoke billowed over Moscow.

Also, we find out it was members of the Krakow Regiment (not Polish, but Ukrainian) are the ones responsible for taking down the Russian Army’s observation tower in Bryansk, Russia with a drone.

The Mayor of Maulitopol speaks about the two large Russian bases the Ukrainians have attacked this week and claims hundreds of Russian soldiers died.

According to this newcast, the Russians shot down 60 Ukrainian drones; however, the Ukrainians sent up a fleet of drones on purpose to detect the latest Russian positions, then zeroed in on those missile launchers as targets and took them out.

I also viewed a video this past week of Russian soldiers fighting with shovels, not rifles. Sort of like the kamikaze attacks of Chinese and North Korean peasants in the Frozen Chosin during the Korean War.


More from Melitopol, and I do pity the Russian men who got shafted with their death sentences in a place where they are certainly about to lose their lives. Ukraine is playing hardball and I suspect are gaining great gobs of territory by using NATO intelligence.

Ukraine is cutting off Crimea from Russia. Plain as day what the strategy is for Ukraine, just keep blowing up supply lines, tanks, heavy artillery, bases, and ammunition dumps. The Russian soldiers surrendering can’t win this war. Not when some of them are using shovels as weapons.

Somebody is going to put a bullet in Putin soon enough if this continues with no pullback of stressed Russian troops. The retreat from the Kherson by the Russian Army has caused great indignation back home and in the ranks of mercenaries and call up of reserves. When the Russians lose Melitipol, Putin might want to slink to whatever off shore place won’t extradite the war criminal.

I don’t know if any of you have seen the videos of the Wagner Group, but those guys have been cut to ribbons and their head, Putin’s Chef, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has stepped way out of bounds this week as he called out Russian military leaders for their ineptitude at conducting this war.

So, Melitopol sounds like where the greatest battle in Ukraine - so far - will take place. Himars is dialed in. New artillery and tanks arrive every day for the Ukrainians. Russians are rapidly building fortifications, trenches and underground containers for ammunition and supplies. And the Ukrainian people inside Melitipol sent real street-level intelligence to Ukranian forces. Ukraine is on the move. The Russians are sitting ducks. I just can’t imagine the fear and terror this Russian human cannon fodder will experience waiting for the bitter end.

Russian helicopter pilot got too cocky. Ukraine’s first shot missed the Russian chopper. The second Ukrainian missile fired blew the damn blades off and the propless cabin slammed into a building. The Russian forces are severely under-trained.