Ukrainian Forces Use Ground/Air Operations To Blow Up Bakhmut Bridges, Cutting Off Russian Wagner Troops on 3 Sides

No more supplies flowing to Wagner troops in Bakhmut. This video focuses on Bakhmut only.

If Bakhmut were to fall into Russian hands, Ukraine knows Russia will launch attacks Eastward.

Prigozin, head of Wagner is begging for weapons and ammunition, and he is severely criticizing the Russian Army. Then, Prigozin says the Central Government has cut off communications with Wagner. Now “Putin’s Chef” is now taking his complaints to social media.

This video says Prigozin and Kadyrov are meeting to plan a post-Putin government.

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**This next video covers what is happening in not only Bakhmut, but Mariupol as well. It discusses Ukrainian strategy, the explosions at two Russian bases resulted in 300 Russian soldiers. Two more bases attacked overnight. The airport in Mariupol and Russian planes were destroyed earlier last week. **

Maritopol will be the jumping-off point for Ukrainian Army. Then they march on Mariupol.

New GLMRS ammo for the Himars on the front lines can easily reach Russian positions 50 miles away.

Ukraine blew up Russia’s use of the Mariupol airport, an ammo depot at that airport, two fuel depots, and one giant steel mill which Russia was using as a military base.

What Russia did to Bakhmut, Ukraine is about to do to Mariupol with tens of thousands of ill-equipped Russians hunkering down for dear life in this Kill Zone. Yes, Ukraine is losing forces, but not like the Russians. The Ukraine Resistance and Military is growing stronger by the day as the ANKA anchor is always saying in the videos.

(Late edit addition.)
The Ukrainians are playing major league hardball. The blue and gold forces are not stopping until they take all of Crimea, and these fearless Ukraine incursions into Maritopol, Mariupol, Kherson (Ukraine in full control now in Kherson), and Bakhmut are setting the stage for just that. Add all the new military hardware making its way to the Eastern Front, and as XMFRob in this thread below suggests Prigozin could be a victim of falling from a balcony, or, as Rob suggested, he will be kept alive to blame as the fall guy - which would make sense if Putin has even a scintella of sense left in his brain.

One more late edit: Putin’s health has been discussed front and center on youtube videos from the West. I’ll say this: if Putin IS taking chemo for a cancer, there’s no way in hell he can be trusted to remember things he was just told. It’s one of the symptoms of Cancer Chemo: short-term memory and short-term attention loss.
This is the worst symptom I fight, not the pain. I am making a concerted effort to read voraciously and look up things a 2nd or 3rd time and then write my thoughts in a journal. Keeping my brain sharp and stress-free is my main focus. I don’t see how Putin can do this IF he has cancer chemo sluicing through his innards.

Putin looks horrible, emaciated, and very weak in his gait and gestures. The few times I see him in videos these days(public appearances are evaporating quickly as losses mount in Ukraine) the more I see a cornered, tired, stinkin’ thinkin’ tyrant lose his own marbles to the creeping panic which haunts him and Russia. Yeah, he most definitely has a major illness his doctors don’t want the public to know about.

A strongman must give that image of strength.


I’m no expert, but it would seem Prigozin would eventually fall off a balcony if he keeps yapping about how he’s being shafted. But maybe the big picture is to have him put on trial for being the cause of a Russian failure in Ukraine. Gotta have fall guys.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.


That’s a sharp thought about putting him on trial. Yes, I can see that happening more than offing him. Like you say, gotta have a fall guy. Great optics, great distraction, blame the 150,000 dead men on the Chef.

Which would give the military an out and less reason to assassinate Putin. Putin can up the military sinecures and then do better due diligence on who plundered the military’s wealth. Keep the military on his side - maybe. He’s been very critical of his most trusted military and no one wants to prolong this invasion except the stupid grandstanding politicians and state controlled TV running videos of MTG and Tucker promoting Russia as the poor aggrieved nation in this war.


Revisiting the chokepoint mined heavily by Ukraine, while Russia continues to send tanker to their deaths.

Money quote in this clip by a Ukrainian fighter: "I’m surprised how they sacrafice so many of their men for just a piece of forest:

Erin Burnett shows video of tankers running from just hit tanks. It’s the Russian fighter speaking at the end who calls himself and friends, “Like cattle to the slaughter,” who tells the truth. Everyone surrounding him is a Russian soldier, everyone covering their faces for fear of reprisal.

Youtube short:

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I count three Russian helicopters hit in about one-minute. It’s like the pilots had death wishes:

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Another Russian helicopter shot down. Ukraine just knocking them out of the sky like a Mosquito Zapper sends flaming mosquitoes to their deaths.

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Let’s see how Ukraine’s dangerous maneuvering plays out soon in Bakhmut. And let me tip my cap to those 500 Ukraine troops holed up in the steel plant with extensive deep tunneling to hide or escape to. You guys are braver than brave:

Kyiv has reiterated its commitment to defending Bakhmut amid reports of a battle between Ukrainian troops and Moscow-backed forces at a sprawling industrial complex in the city.

Ukraine’s president Volodymr Zelensky said Tuesday that the “main focus” for his forces included Bakhmut, where his troops intended “to inflict maximum possible damage upon the occupier.”

Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, also said that defending Bakhmut was the first issue discussed at meetings between the president and his top commanders.

Late edit thought: I’m not totally informed whether these 500 Ukrainian defenders mentioned above are the only Ukrainian troops remaining in Bakhmut. If these guys are the bait, and they go under ground, Ukraine can demolish the Russian occupiers who are also fighting these 500. And that’s just my speculation. The Russians are cut off from their supply lines. What is coming will be a bloody mess in the truest sense.

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An earlier video upstream claims 16 blown up or captured Russian tanks, about a dozen APCs, and then it mentioned construction equipment destroyed.

Finally found the construction equipment blown up: backhoes digging Russian trenches:

When convicted felons are not enough for your brutal mercenary army, who do you target next? Prn-watchers, if you’re Russia’s Wagner Group. Vladimir Putin’s guns-for-hire have turned to Pornhub for recruiting, posting a highly suggestive ad to get young Russian men off the couch and onto the blood-soaked battlefields of Ukraine. In the ad, a lipstick-wearing woman twirls a lollipop on her tongue, as a seductive voice in the background says, **“We are the most fcking amazing private army in the world. We are hiring fighters from all parts of Russia. Don’t whack off, apply for a job with the Wagner Group.”** Then a phone number with links to Wagner Group recruiters pops up on the screen. There may be a deeper reason why the Wagner Group is so desperate for recruits. Experts have speculated that Putin may be purposefully trying to weaken the group by putting its soldiers on the frontlines of a brutal siege after Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin has begun to criticize the Russian president in recent weeks.

The day isn’t over… but that wins my Weird News Of The Day award! Sad, pathetic, yet laughable in a twisted way.


He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.