Updated ER Lists and Annotated Rankings

We have now completed 21 ATTA BOY/OH POOP Method ER Reviews and I have to tell you - this meticulous, in-depth, leave-no-stone unturned, performance assessment and expedition into company performance is mentally exhausting. It reminds me a lot of the planning for a family vacation with children of various ages involving numerous locations, experiences and so on and so forth. But - we persevere!

Here are the updated Lists and Rankings with detailed annotations.

A) NICE List

  1. BILL

  2. DDOG

  3. CRWD

  4. S

  5. GTLB

  6. ZI

  7. AFRM

  8. APP

  9. TTD - Moved to NICE List from egregious miscasting to Purgatory List and upon considerations of election year advertising pop.


Collective Annotations: All of these high performance companies provided rock solid ERs, are largely comprised of White Tent opportunity and genuine Flywheel potential. (Except GTLB and the Flywheel thingy - not sure about that)

B) PURGATORY List - These companies have PO-TENTIAL but have work to do.

  1. UPST - Coming back nicely from questionable ER. Faded Red Tent trending Pale. Flywheel.

  2. SE - Red Tent based on large leaking hole in EBITDA bucket. Massive Opportunity.

C) NAUGHTY List - Black Tents and holes in Buckets.

  1. NET - Profitable any minute now.

  2. CFLT - Needs Wide Acceptance to Prosper

  3. AMPL - Fooled a lot of Fools

  4. U - Perhaps best Naughty List Comeback Candidate of the Year Candidate

  5. MNDY - See Joseph Heller Something Happened

  6. GLBE - So goeth SHOP - So goeth GLBE

  7. BROS - Reverse Flywheel Effect?

  8. TWLO - Same Song Different Report

  9. FVRR - You’re In The Jailhouse Now

All the Best,