Naughty and Nice: Ranking Update

Updated Lists:

A) NICE List Ranking:

  1. BILL
  2. ZI
  3. MELI

Note: The Eye-of-the-Beholder List has been changed to the I Dunno Jack/Meh List

B) I DUNNO Jack/MEH List Ranking:

  1. NET

C) NAUGHTY List Ranking:

  1. CFLT
  2. AMPL
  3. UPST
  4. U

Updated List Notes:

UPST tanked more today getting as low as $25 and some change before recovering going into the close to $28.00. Is UPST a BUY now? I suspect the stock, dependent on the market tides, will see a small rally. Could happen. If risks don’t phase you, you have heaps of patience and can wait for a while then perhaps. On the other hand, should UPST return to its Glory Days in its next report and then re-forecast better Guidance - then there will be plenty of time to leap back on the band wagon on your way to infinite riches; or something like that. Red Tent leaning to White Tent.

Unity stunk up the joint today by tanking by a full 37% plus. Is it time to get into U…well maybe, maybe not. Depends on whether you think the investing thesis is broken or not. Regardless of the longer term potential it would be hard to argue, with a straight face, that its not broken for now. Solid Black Tent for me.

How About MELI? The stock sold off to the tune of $94.76 all the way down to $679.68. White Tent for sure.

And then theres NET. Decent enough ER and good Guidance but sold off anyway. Why? Well…perhaps its because NET represents some high end expensive Real Estate. Much less expensive lately; but then again, theres that profit thingy. Still…if you’re looking closely and think we’re near a bottom maybe a Buy here. I’m a a Red Tent here leaning White.

All the Best,