First Half of Part 2 Power Rankings Second Half

Part 2 of the Power Rankings listing is based entirely on the most recent ER data. This post represents the half way point of ER mark-up evaluations; which means, that the over all rankings are expected to change once all companies are evaluated

Note 1) I am an amateur investor - so be very suspect of anything you read here and for the Good Lord’s sake, as well as your very own, do re-run the math numbers for your very own edification. I am a notorious math bumbler and data garbler and like it that way. So theres that.

Note 2) My investing focus, such that it may be, is entirely on growth. As such, some companies that made the Part One Cut Power Rankings List based on overall Quality have been eliminated due to not meeting Revenue Growth cut-off. Just like this past weekend when Tiger withdrew from the Masters with a bum ankle after bumbling around the front 9 with a collection of Bogeys and Double Bogeys. Or something very similar to that.

Companies Eliminated from the Power Ranking List:


Current Rankings:

  1. ANET 669 Power Points

  2. TGLS. 632

  3. AXON 628

  4. NET… 616

  5. HUBS 616

  6. PERI… 612

  7. ARRY… 608

  8. MNDY… 598

  9. FOUR… 592
    10 IOT… 574

  10. DOCN…571

  11. TTD…566

  12. SMAR…565

  13. CRWD…559

  14. AYX…549

  15. PATH…542

  16. DT…530

  17. MELI…529

  18. TSLA…505

  19. GRVY…496

  20. SHOP…482

  21. DOCS…453

  22. DUOL…444

  23. OKTA…426

All The Best,