Ups and the rest of them laying off workers

UPS was open about it. Get back in the office. By the way we are in the middle a massive layoff.

You can bet remote workers will be laid off first. If they are redundant as the English like to say.

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When a layoff happens you always have to identify who to let go, in a manner that is legal and without much fear of legal retribution. Some are easy, like letting go of an entire department or division. Texas Instruments did this shortly after I joined in 1989; when the Wall fell, TI got rid of Defense Systems Electronics Group. Some are not easy, like letting go of 10% of a department.

As a result some layoffs are designed to have employees lay themselves off, so to speak. Offering buy-out packages to volunteers to leave is one way. I suspect this is another way - if an employee chooses to not come into the office they have in effect chosen to be laid off.