Upwork Adds Zoom Integration

About two weeks ago the Docusign CEO broke some news on CNBC when he appeared with Jim Cramer on the Mad Money show and stated that Docusign would be integrating Zoom capability into its signoff process.

I just received an email from Upwork, a third party platform used by many self employed folks to find and manage contracting work, for companies such as the Motley Fool.

Here is the portion of the email that is pertinent to Zoom being added to the Upwork platform

We have heard your feedback for better collaboration tools and adding Zoom is one way our team is working hard to improve every step of your Upwork journey.

To use Zoom on Upwork, simply access your Upwork Messages and select “Zoom Meeting” from the call button and a meeting link will initiate in the Messages room. This feature is available for all Upwork customers and you don’t need your own Zoom account to use it.

With Zoom holding its analyst day this Wednesday we may see more third party platform announcements in the next day or two.


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