Beyond Zoom Video: Integrate, Apps, Phone, Chat

In another thread I started to reply to a comment wishing that Zoom would displace customer service and then realized I was about to provide information and links that area already scattered around this forum. A lot of people may not realize that Zoom is far more than a video app. If you followed the FYQ1 results, Zoom Phone was mentioned as an opportunity to expand after landing. This is only one of Zooms products that provide additional vectors of growth and make Zoom stickier. So, I decided to start this new thread, at the top level of the boards, to shine a light on these other areas. From their home page, they are:

Zoom is a cloud platform, not just an app. They have…

Zoom also has a lot of integrations already available:
Using the example of customer service, Zoom and Zendesk can work together:

Integration options can be a big deal to a company with complex workflows. It enables customers to create in-house custom solutions that add efficiencies or improve employee experiences. It also allows 3rd party companies (or Zoom itself) to cross-promote through new win-win use-cases.

Zoom Chat looks interesting. One good thing about Google Hangouts is that you can click a button in the chat to open a video chat or group meeting. Now Zoom has that available with a ton more control; if you use them for messaging. Here is a 50-second video about it:…
Note the product is also referred to as “Zoom Business IM”. I’m not sure if it is being rebranded or they just wanted to make it sound simpler on the web page:

An article with more detail:….

Zoom Phone has been around for a year now. In the latest FYQ1 results they mention it is an up-sell focus. I have been hoping to see growth from this product. In another thread it brought up the question of whether they are pushing to sell it standalone too. I have no idea what they are actually doing, but I imagine it is a much lower-friction sell-cycle to say, “You have video with us already, we could replace that old system, that no one likes anyway, and give you some awesome productivity tooling!”. Here are some cherry picked items from their website. The message seems to support my imaginings:

"Unify your phone, chat, meetings and video with one platform

One unified app for phone, video, meetings, and chat

“At Ciena, we love Zoom - it transformed us into a video culture, but the missing piece was external phone calling. We wanted to make communications easy by consolidating into one tool, so we were excited when Zoom Phone debuted.”
-Henry Ku, Director IT Infrastructure @ Ciena

Users can quickly transition a Zoom Phone call to a Zoom Meeting with a single touch of a button. … Eliminate the need for participants to end the current call to only dial-in to a separate conference bridge

With native out-of-the-box integration to Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution providers Five9 and Twilio, integrating your preferred customer experience platform to the Zoom cloud has never been easier."

Here is another article from last year about it:…