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How trustworthy are the uTube market gurus? How about one that does not know about the Triple Witching Hour?

I don’t now what spooked the market but… we have to go back to mid June

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June 17 → Triple witching hour
September 16 → Triple witching hour

Triple witching hour

Triple witching hour is the last hour of the stock market trading session (3:00-4:00 P.M., New York City local Time) on the third Friday of every March, June, September, and December. Those days are the expiration of three kinds of securities:

Stock market index futures;
Stock market index options;
Stock options.
The simultaneous expirations generally increases the trading volume of options, futures, and their underlying stocks, occasionally increasing the volatility of prices of related securities.

On those same days single-stock futures also expire, so that the final hour is sometimes referred to as the quadruple witching hour.[1]


I like Jake Broe’s Ukraine war reporting and analysis.

The Captain


Me too. He is knowledgable and stays on top of what is happening, and often scoops the big boys. I also like his manner very very much.

It is stunning to me how “amateur” journalists like Jake Broe and Denys Davydov, despite a few minor shortcomings, are consistently outreporting almost all the corporately financed professionally staffed operations on Ukraine War newsreporting. I think the reason for this is best put forward in the movie Broadcast News, and the crux notion is conveyed in the brief clip below. The real reporter, an extremely quick smart knowledgable street smart guy who aint pretty and sweats too much and whose career is therefore collapsing, is home listening to the newly appointed pretty boy Anchor:

That clip just about says it all, except nowadays the News Executive would never have even met anyone so intelligent as the smart reporter. She would be stuck with the views of a survivor of the desperate corporate News type jungle of ambition and ignorance to be the most watched because the most entertaining…

david fb
When Broadcast News came out the staff of my own News Organization, the Advocate, was mostly sick with AIDS and fighting and reporting like our lives depended on getting it right… and they did. We scooped again and again, but mostly fought hard to combat headline grabbing junk news and lies (it’s a Swine Flu variant, a CIA plot, caused by Butyl Nitrate abuse, …) We did not care how much people sweated or stank or offended if they got the facts and wrote clearly.

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Jake Broe’s Ukraine war reporting

The Captain

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