Just Seconds on the Clock

Hard to imagine that the 2023 Trading Season is 1/3 over. As this month’s game winds down only a couple of things to report:

  1. Got stopped out of MBLY by a shocking…shocking I say, ER that there portfolio got sucker punched by. That makes two blowouts in the week: MBLY and ENPH. And I suppose thats why earlier this morning I decided against bottom feeding on PI who is having a very nice blowout of its own today - but, I was about to lean into that particular pitch until I remembered April’s Market Theme: Everybody has a plan - until they get punched in the face.

The ENPH punch made the portfolio wobbly and the MBLY punch almost put it on the floor - but as a Scout Team position certainly not a portfolio knock-out by any means - more a momentary sting - a busted lip as it were. Combined the ENPH/MBLY tandem did put a dent in the results; which I suppose, I will post this weekend - such that the results might be.

2.). What else: Well - I did add ONON today as a new Scout Team tryout but with a fairly tight stop. Can’t be to careful these days. There could be one or two more before the day is out - but probably not.

Working on the Top 25 minus 5 list once the weekly results are completed. Doesn’t look all that good for either ENPH or MBLY. ENPH, while not a Blue Blood per se - more the Gonzaga as of the last couple of years. And MBLY - more a champion of a lower level conference with a 15 seed - flash in the pan as it were - albeit, a pretty bright flash.

All the Best,


One of the many and varied subscription services I employ has mentioned several days back that DDOG had bounced decidedly and with prejudice off of a Triple Bottom. Triple Bottom Bounces (TBBs) evidently represent big medicine in the technical stock trading world at least as far as I know. So I waited a bit to see if it holds or whether it might be going for the gold with a quadruple bottom - and; so far so good: DDOG has a heartbeat. The DDOG LIVES!. So - I re-entered the DDOG today with a Scout Team level contract and a somewhat loose Stop-Limit. We’ll see how that all works out.

All the Best,