Valuation Check In

Google reported 2022-Q2 yesterday.

Revenue: 69.69B +17.9% YoY
EPS: 1.21 / share

Running a simplistic valuation (which works surprisingly well) based on P/S.

TTM Revenue : 282B
P/S : 4.93

Historically it has traded in the 5 to 8 range; so its cheaper than normal right now. If we take the average valuation over the past few years we get 6.8x which would imply a value of around $150 / share (its trading at around $113 right now).

Looking ahead, it would seem they will probably get to $300B in revenue for the year, which would imply a value around $165 / share by the end of the year.

FYI: I have been buying (nibbling) lately. Google is now one of my largest holdings.