VERY OT (and confusing)

Buy on dips. Sleep well. Get rich slowly.

I am a little confused reading the above on Saul’s as I thought the Mantra is:

Dollar cost average, sleep well, get rich slowly.

(Dollar cost averaging is the practice of investing a fixed dollar amount on a regular basis, regardless of the share price.)

Is the Mantra different for each board? As I want to get rich: What should I do now?


I think what you are referring as “Buy on dips” is basically market timing. You are expecting to sit with cash and wait for the eventual sell-off and buy. Buy on dips is slightly different, say, market is rallying from June low’s and at some point it will exhaust and pull back, so say for ex: at SPY 3900 level, I will be willing to buy, and also I may sell some now. Of course this is also market timings. But I may not have to sell now, and may invest new cash. Buy on dips is very short-term in nature, there are folks who were expecting sell-off from 2011. Buy on dips, is more like buying BRK.B < $280.

For average investor, just set aside some part of your paycheck and keep investing is easy. I guess most folks here no longer receive monthly pay-check and/ or have decent/ significant net worth. Hence they may not appreciate the dollar cost average that much. I guess there is no humble way of saying this, but it is not their superior investing skills, but their financial position that makes them not a big fan of Dollar cost averaging.

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King, thanks for the well-meant advice. Maybe my joke was too subtle.

Buy on dips. Sleep well. Get rich slowly.

at the end of a recent post on Saul’s is from our very own guy who ends his posts on this board with:

Dollar cost average, sleep well, get rich slowly.

P.S.: I like my jokes to be subtle. Drawback is that they easily are going unnoticed :frowning:


ah! OK for dessert tonight we serve humble pie cold.

our very own guy


and confusing

It not confusing. If you think it is perfectional rational and consistent.

S&P dollar cost averaging makes absolute sense. There is no need to any analysis.
The prophets of doom and gloom are wrong. S&P has and will continue to outperform BRK.

With volatile stocks of companies like UPST, AMZN and TSLA, you need to do deep analysis and have your convictions and buy on dips.
Otherwise you will get your head handed to you. I have been accumulating on dips.
Do you own due diligence.
They will far outperform S&P 500 if you are right.


If you want to get rich, consider what amount of money will make you feel rich. Then look for company stock that will move the needle enough to get you there.

You might do well with a Peter Lynch stalwart company, or you might require looking for a growth company.

Having a numeric goal helps focus your thinking.

Knowing how much you need to move the needle is both “heart stopping” and IMHO necessary.

Good luck!



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