Vikings may have left Greenland due to climate change


Yes… Due to global cooling not global warming.

“May”. Weasel word. Means nothing. It’s just as likely they left because their “charismatic leader” had a dream or a belly ache or heard the gods tell him something. Or they heard about this great place “over there somewhere” and went there or died.


Timing corresponds, as do studies of the time frame involved.

One explanation I heard which makes sense is that the Vikings insisted on eating cows European style instead of learning from the Inuit to eat the local produce, seals and so on. In was climate change that killed off the cows but the Vikings would have survived had they acquired local knowledge.

The Captain


So basically, they moved to their “Texas” for a good steak! :crazy_face:

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From the Article that was posted:

Analyses of human remains from church yards and animal remains from trash piles also showed that, over the time period, the diet of Viking settlers switched from land-based foods such as livestock to marine resources like fish and seals, the researchers noted. This change might have been due to the loss of land that was suitable for growing crops.



You are all incorrect.

The Vikings left to go bury treasure on Oak Island.

Rick and Marty will uncover all this next week Tuesday, on the History Channel.



Which “Oak Island”?

They would be better off with Greenland…