OT?: Or maybe not. Greenland's ice *might* melt sooner than expected

Not investable in one sense. Unless one loves HIGH walls–to keep out water. This is VERY long term (longer than the foreseeable future).


Walls will not help our biggest going under water state, Florida, as the porosity of its bedrock will allow sea water to come right through…

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I think we have crossed the line of irreversible path to worsening climate change.


Ocean/Gulf beachfront property in Nebraska?

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That will be the floor of the ocean you want to get to the peak, Pikes peak. :joy:


I’ll say. That warm interglacial was some 50,000 year long with temperatures that peaked 2-3°C warmer than the present for some 7,000 years.


Yet Greenland was readily habitable well before the 1500s. It was abandoned due to the global cooling that lasted 500+yrs. Now we are on the warming side of that cycle. Could be 100 yrs (less?) for areas of Greenland becoming habitable again (i.e. farming, fishing, etc).

There would be some terrible tragedies in Southern Dublin but in Northern Dublin the roads would be cleaner.