Village Farms VFF new MF article

Nice article from Motley Fool Canada yesterday that suggests the price of stock could double this year.

This is not a SaaS stock this board has been looking for lately. The mega-growth this board looks for comes from switching from a low margin vegetable sales to hopefully high margin cannabis sales.

It has high inside ownership (22%) and long term experienced management with 30 years experience growing tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers on razor-thin margins.

Please note that prices discussed are in Canadian dollars, but stock now also trades on NASDAQ in USD.…

Village Farms’ greenhouses should give it a competitive edge that few companies can match. First, they provide an unparalleled ability to produce cannabis quickly, consistently, and independently from prevailing weather conditions. Additionally, they already have a scaled team of expert growers ready to start immediately. Other cannabis companies are building their facilities for the first time, hiring less experienced workers and managers in order to scale quickly.

By the end of the first quarter of 2019, Village Farms aims to expand production to more than 1 million square feet of cannabis. By the middle of the year, the company should achieve a run-rate of 75,000 kilograms.

The stock has popped strongly in recent weeks due to justified excitement for the company’s future, but if it can execute, Village Farms has a great chance of surpassing a $1 billion market cap this year.

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I am with you on this. I bought a starter position at $6 and just added under $10. The growth might not show in the financials yet, but the infrastructure certainly looks to be in place

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