Might be bots that picked up my post.

Doubled since September.


Up 13 percent yesterday, up 17 percent today.

Qazulight (What do stoners say when they light up?)


Think you could be onto something here, worth a punt anyway…any reason for the double in Sept or the 2 day dramatic increase apart from others reading your post:-)))

I remember reading seekingalpha’s post a few weeks ago and this caught my eye…

“The stock has appreciated by over 34% since then with plenty more value ahead. It currently trades at $1.53 USD and should soon be trading above $2.50 with a target of $4.00 by the time it releases its 2017 annual report. The Company’s recent JV announcement with Emerald Health Therapeutics (OTCQX:EMHTF) to expand into the cannabis industry has furthered the significant upside potential of this stock and what could become a greenhouse powerhouse; one that would be trading far above the $4 per share we are targeting.”




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They are on track to sell 8000 kilo grams of cannibus in the third quarter of 2018. The current wholesale price is 4 dollars a gram, or 4000 dollars a kilogram.

The cost of production at full production in 2020 will be 1 dollar a gram. I an making a WAG that it will be twice that in the third quarter of 2018.

The is currently in Canada about a 300,000 kilo gram short fall in supply in the wholesale market. (This must be an estimated number as the grow permits are out, but the sales permits will not be active until July 2018.)

The sales permit is on track, but not delivered.

By 2020, Village Farms will have all of the capacity on line to meet this shortfall in the Canadian market.

This works out to 300,000,000 million grams per year. The current wholesale price of cannibus is 4 to 6 dollars a gram. Village Farms believed it will fall to 2 dollars a gram. This means that they SHOULD have a gross profit or EBTIDA of about 300,000,000 million a year.

With a P/E of roughly 10, the market cap should go from under the current 200 million or so to 2 billion or so.

Warning! There are two big risks.

  1. The licenses to sell are not in hand.

  2. The U.S. has made rumblings that there will be punitive measures against companies that are in the cannibus business in Canada.


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VFFIF. Pulled the plug today…small entry point and brought 200 shares(woop, woop) at $4.54…lunch time or there abouts, noticed it went down to 4.26 and thought “typical” and was pleasantly surprised to see it at 4.77 at close. Long way to go. Unless the story changes, or licenses are not granted, will leave this for a year and see how this Company progresses with it’s massive Cannabis potential.

Qazulight, what was your purchase price? I believe its already increased over 255% in the last year.

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Qazulight, what was your purchase price? I believe its already increased over 255% in the last year.

.98 cents and 1.26

I have 300 shares. Sold a 100 right before the joint venture was announced. (Yes in fact, I did go there.)

While I am tempted to add new money, I probably will not.


Great entry points…best of luck to you.