Might want to look at this one

I have had Village Farms for years. I bought a little dab, a few hundred dollars worth at .98 cents a share.

Last spring I started to sell it. In fact, I sold a hundred shares when I meant to sell 400. I just put the order in wrong.

Today it is up near 4 dollars a share. This is now a Canadian play on Pot.

Village Farms grows vegatables hydroponically in green houses. They have houses in Texas and in Canada. I suspect that they will continue to use the Texas houses for vegatables, but the Canadian ones will get repurposed.

Village Farms has a lot of knowledge and technology in the hydroponic and green house area. They signed an agreement with a Pot grower last spring after Canada legalized pot.

The symbol is VFF.TO. The market cap is only a 126 million dollars and they still trade on the pink sheets.

I am NOT recommending an investment in this company. I am however recommending that the pot industry in Cananda should be investigated.

Qazulight (Still think my idea of feeding weed to cows and having a “special” BBQ place would work.)


There are a bazillion ways to play the emerging marijuana industry. I’ve got two very tiny speculative positions, neither of which is a grower, distributor or purveyor.

IIPR is a REIT that builds grow facilities with all the HVAC, irrigation, etc systems pre-installed for grow operations and then leases the structures to growers of medical marijuana (so far, they’ve stayed away from recreational pot growers). They’ve got a huge headwind due to the fact that pot (growing, distributing, selling) is still a violation of federal law in the US, so they can’t get bank financing. It’s pretty much a gamble on a change of federal law.

VBIO is a pharmaceutical company that develops meds from cannabis. They have a way of deactivating the psychotropic effects of THC. They’ve demonstrated efficacy for certain inflammatory diseases and other conditions, but as of yet have no marketable drugs.

If you want more info, research them on your own.

IIPR is traded on NYSE. VBIO is traded OTC. I do not recommend either company as an investment. My positions together amount to less than 1% of my portfolio.