Visual of largest companies, 2000-2022

Visual Capitalist shows a moving picture of the largest-cap companies from 2000-2022.

It’s interesting to watch as companies come and go. General Electric vanished from the list after the 2009 financial crisis due to mismanagement. Chinese companies appeared and disappeared. Saudi Aramco suddenly appeared out of nowhere at the top of the list. XOM, once at the very top, fell off.

Stalwarts like MSFT appear continuously. New arrivals like Tesla show up.

Which will stay? Which are overvalued and will go >poof!< with time?



When people talk about ‘inequality’ they ignore that personal wealth is as mobile as corporate wealth, at least in America.

Many top dogs are recent arrivals:

Microsoft pre-2000
Cisco pre-2000 - 2001

Nokia 2000 - 2000
Intel 2001 - 2004
Apple 2010
Google/Alphabet 2012
Facebook/Meta 2015 - 2022 ← glad to see it go!
Amazon 2016
Tesla 2020
Nvidia 2022 briefly

The Captain