Putting the Mac in Macro

There’s a site that I’ve seen mentioned only once or twice here, but I find it fascinating and encourage others interested in Macroeconomics to bookmark. It’s called “Visual Capitalist” and it produces a variety of datum daily and it’s almost always fascinating.

Here is the one that popped up today: the 100 Largest companies in the world by market cap, sorted by country. For all the talk of China, China, China, it’s impressive to see how much larger the US looms over it and the rest of the world.

(I am reminded of the 80’s when it was Japan, Japan, Japan, and looking at them it seems laughable that there was a single headline about it all.)

Anyway: Visual Capitalist. Feel good about the US for a minute or so:



I really enjoy Visual Capitalist. They send e-mails with their information.

How much of the US’s hold on this is based on the USD being the reserve currency for the world?


An interesting chart, but by itself, not that informative.

I would love to see the same version of the chart for 5, 10, 15, and 20 years ago.

Then I’ll know how good to feel. Or not.