Walmart & Target Online Strategies to Crush U.S

How Walmart and Target plan to compete in e-commerce against Amazon. More about Walmart’s purchas of ex-Amazonian Marc Lore’s company and Lore’s strategy to win the e-commerce battle against Amazon.…


I saw that too. Sounds like Wallymart is finally getting quite serious about competing with the big A. I knew the big A would be disruptive (duh!) but I find it astonishing how fast the mainstay brick and mortar giants are falling. (Sears, JCP, RadioShack–okay, not TOO surprised there but …–,Gordmans, just about every clothing retailer I know of, etc., etc.)

It’s getting hard for me to keep up with all the changes and I don’t even own anything that competes directly with Amazon.

Wait a minute … every company competes with Amazon!

Dan, feeling older than dirt and Craftsman tools