Warren Buffett Planning $1,000 Baby Checks

Warren Buffett wants his entire $96 billion fortune spent within 10 years of his death. Every kid on the planet might get a cut

One proposed solution was to create a world children’s savings bank. The exact amount allocated to each child wasn’t disclosed, but a former Gates Foundation employee told the Journal that each child would receive thousands of dollars that “sit on a shelf, like a battle plan” for baby beneficiaries.

But Buffett, who turns 92 this year, hasn’t yet disclosed the nitty-gritty of how his wealth will be split after his death; estate planning experts told the Journal his pledge letter was a bit ambiguous. The investigation found that Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, a family charity that supports abortion rights, has been hiring staff and planning for a “massive influx of money” as high as $100 billion—meaning it may inherit some of the windfall the Gates Foundation has been anticipating.

Seems like that would do more for the world than having Warren blasting himself into outer space, like some of his peers.