Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands,

Mask up and stay away from people too.

I got this message from a niece today who is the medical director for some school districts in the central Indiana area.

Everybody wash your hands! I’m closing one of our schools for today and tomorrow due to 30% absence due to flu.


And never touch your face in public - eyes, nose or mouth.


When I go shoppong (as I will this morning) I carry Clorox wipes and paper towels to wipe down the checkout area (self-check). It’s amazing how much filth comes off.



I thought that one of the big things that we’ve learned about respiratory viruses since the beginning of the COVID pandemic is that the primary transmission path is airborne droplets. Which means that while frequent hand washing can’t hurt, it isn’t likely to be effective if not coupled with N95 masking, or good air circulation and 6’ separation in public settings.


COVID is not easily passed on through touch. But formative transmission of influenza is something to be aware of.


That was a little over a month ago, has another one closed?!?

In related news, looks like it hit Tennessee last month too:

School closings due to flu will likely be a repeat of 2010, during the H1N1 pandemic, he said. That outbreak of swine flu led some 700 schools in the U.S. to close for anywhere from three days to two weeks.

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A mask is not only a filter but it is also a way of preventing the wearer from touching their face. We keep hand sanitizer in the cars and use it when we get back in after doing errands. It is probably not as effective as soap, but …