how you stop a plague wave

Jetted through the grocery store this evening.

In past visits, about half of the people inside, shoppers and store staff, were unmasked. Tonight, sizeable majority were masked. Maybe the constant media hysteria paid off and people decided to take more precautions?

For those scoring at home, there were a sizeable number of empty shelves in the frozen foods aisles. The bachelor chow that went on sale Sunday was very picked over. The Tyson racks were empty. Some empty space in the breakfast foods aisle too…but then, Kellogg’s was on strike for a while.



This time around, there are a lot more people infected who have actually experienced covid first hand.

Experience has been proven to be the most powerful teacher for health and safety concerns.

Unfortunately, somebody in the tribe usually has to have a terrible to life-threatening experience to update the norms.

Idiot talking heads on the TV still aren’t good enough. (not in tribe-no trust)