Watching MSFT for a Call

Similar to my recent META trade, I’m now looking at MSFT for a call. MSFT has been relatively strong compared to the indeces, and is setting up for a breakout of the September highs, or maybe even the July highs.

MSFT Daily 10-9-23

I think I missed the ideal entry here, mostly because I didn’t even look until I was out of META on Friday. I’m waiting on a pull back to give me an entry, but not sure if it’s going to give that to me.



Well, it gave me a couple pull backs, but I felt like MSFT looked weak compared to the market and never really gave me a great opportunity. The following is the 5-min chart of MSFT with SPY.

I feel like MSFT had high volatility today without making any progress, and it wasn’t because the overall market was volatile. Could be “toppy”. I’ll keep watching, but I may look elsewhere too.