WAY OT: Helped a friend

I helped an old friend and former bandmate of mine to get his music up on bandcamp. I had never heard of it. He had, but just didn’t have the chops or desire to learn and make it happen so he asked me to help him. Here’s a link to his music. All of it is free. I much prefer the prog/rock to the meditative genre - mostly because I’m more of a type “A” kind of person I’d say. My recommendations - Outrageous Originals and Flights Songs.

Here’s a link. If you like to check out non-mainstream talent, this is the place I guess!



Very talented guy. I like it.

I am much more into today’s Latina Hip Hop.

Bandcamp is the best place to be. The service costs the same per download, the industry standard last I checked of $1.29.

Itunes is really bad and stingy with the artists. But everyone feels they need to be there. So much of the hardware is Apple.

A recording engineer friend of mine gave me the success numbers on iTunes about six years ago. Meager. Some 750k artists and only 75 sell more than 10k downloads. iTunes pays out $0.125 per download. Crap

YouTube views gets you next to nothing even as a hip hop artist with one billion views.

Turning to authors my little bit of googling last month some 46k of them have a .0025% chance of selling 1000 books. That could be downloads. Nothing. You do not become an author to make money…generally.

In the NFT space there are 360k collectors but only 9% of them hold 80% of the value. That is 32k major collectors. Love that. Yet most artists can not hit the target. That is okay. The target is rich either way.

In the Video Game space 1 in 25 games make $200k. And 1 in 100 make $7 million. Ridiculously fantastic odds but most of the professional game makers have no clue what to make next that would make money. That’s okay. The target is filthy rich.