A question for the other old people


Favorite sites for gently used audio CDs?

(I still like to own my music)


who thinks iTunes easily the least-good part of the Apple ecosystem


I don’t have a particular online source for buying used music CDs, but discogs.com lets you search the inventory of countless sellers of used CDs and LPs.

I suggest seeing if there is a used CD store in your area. There is something about the process of searching through the inventory that takes me back to my LP days. Browsing that way you never know what will turn up and catch your interest.

For myself, I have a pretty good stereo, and I subscribe to a high-definition (CD or better) service called Tidal. It isn’t cheap (within my means, but my means are pretty broad), but I can find pretty much EVERYTHING. I’ll hear an interview on NPR with a performer and there is their entire catalog ready to be played.



a) I’m a three-hour drive from an excellent used CD store (and a one-hour in the wrong direction for a good one)

b) discogs.com is a real possibility, but their cookies seem egregious. I think I’ll try, while seeing what I can block. Conceptually, it’s what I’m after – the audio equivalent of abebooks.com (currently costing me 12 titles totaling $160 so far this year)

c) Tidal a good thought. I might try their 30-day free. Thank you!


Used CDs are available from Amazon sellers and also Ebay.

Have you tried Salvation Army, Goodwill or other second hand stores? Having needed to clear out a couple of houses in the last few years, I noticed that they have a large quantity of used CDs and DVDs being donated.


Try any “resale” store that is supporting a charitable cause. They usually have a supply of CD’s and DVD’s.

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