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I have been a Motley Fool member for 20 years, however I’m becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the Motley Fool. I have subscriptions to several services, but find using the website an exercise in frustration. Finding a simple thing like the services portfolios raises my blood pressure as I hunt and hunt unsuccessfully. TMF rolls out new features, but it is so hard to find them. Today I’m looking for the Rule Breakers portfolio. I’ve spent over 30 minutes unsuccessfully. I question whether the service is worth the money AND frustration.


This link should help, as long as you’re signed in to the account that has access to Rule Breakers:… .

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Hi, waymilky. You and I have been kicking around the boards for a long time.

To be sure, the TMF Development team has been doing a lot of tweaking to find better ways to present content to members. The biggest roadblock is simply the number of services for those of us who are subscribed to all or many of them. It would be nice if they could unify the interface across all services, but I think navigation should be easier than what you have experienced.

For Stock Advisor, you should be able to select Stock Advisor service from your My Services menu. From there, simply click Find Stocks and Performance. For Rule Breakers, you can also select from the My Services menu, then select Performance from the More menu. For Everlasting Stocks, the Performance page is off the Portfolio menu. For most of the real-money and managed-portfolio services, you can find the Performance page off the Stocks menu.

So the bottom line is from any premium service, look under Stocks, More or Portfolio to find the Performance page which lists all the companies recommended for investment in that service.

Who sees the value of the subscription in the various TMF Communities as well as the long-term (3-5 years or longer) wealth he has built up over the last 24 years that have covered his costs many (many) times over…

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