For Board Newcomers - still useful?

Hello Newcomers and Oldtimers!

Welcome to Saul’s Investing Discussions and the new TMF Discourse platform. Perusing feedback after the TMF migration, it appears that many oldtimers find the new way of doing things confusing and frustrating, even those with a tech background. Based on the changes I see in online publications, the new TMF platform seems to be the way of the future.

Before getting to the purpose of this post and provide newcomers with guidelines (many of them may no longer be relevant), I thought it might be useful to go over links I found most useful to get oriented here, the New Motley Fool Community. The Discourse platform has many nice features but for those of us who have never been part of the chattering class and refused to join any of the social media platforms, this transition can be even more frustratingly time consuming.

Here are the links I found most helpful. As a non-techie and social media ignoramus they include links to the websites of Discourse and Markdown:

Motley Fool Community Boards Help run by CMFMints

For Board Newcomers and Oltimers omitted from the list of Saul’s posters

The last version of For Board Newcomers is no longer accurate. I have updated the links that I could but some of it needs revision once we have been on this platform for a while. @Saul80683 and we assistant board managers will have to decide what should be eliminated, what should stay or if there even is a need to post these guidelines as posters not originally chosen by Saul and Bear, a time-consuming endeavor, now have to Request Ability to Post. It will ensure the person wanting to post knows Saul’s Rules of the Board. It also eliminates a lot of useless posts and possibly our job as board managers.

If you were omitted from the list of Saul’s Board Posters, as discussed here, please do not take it personally. You may be somebody who posts infrequently and may not have posted for quite some time, thereby getting missed. You can always be added to the currently listed 118 posters–assuming you know what is expected of you on this board.


Saul’s board has the singular focus of analyzing and discussing individual, rapidly growing, disruptive companies. It means that certain topics and basic questions that are acceptable on other boards are not appropriate here. We are trying to keep our discussions as advanced and detailed as possible and encourage you to chime in, provided your comments are on-topic and within the guidelines outlined in the Monday Morning Rules of the Board.

Saul’s board has grown tremendously in recent years, and Saul has had to establish rules, published every Monday morning, to keep off-topic and non-contributing posts to a minimum. Thank you notes to Saul are best incorporated into posts discussing our rapidly growing companies instead of a separate, one-line post.

Saul has also engaged several assistant board managers, who will remind posters when they veer off topic, and stop off-topic threads from continuing. The names of the Assistant Board Managers, and the DO’S and DONT’S for this board are found here:

Monday Morning Rules of the Board

Please remember that these ARE the rules of the board. If you are unhappy with them, or feel that they are too restrictive for you, no one is keeping you on the board. You can leave whenever you want. You should know though that this board has been very successful, and is a real treasure for a great number of people.

If You are New to Investing

We recommend subscribing to one or two of the Fool’s paid services specializing in high growth companies where basic investment questions, not allowed here, are welcome and handled by paid staff.

The Motley Fool Discussion Boards

  • Listed are all the basic guidelines for The Motley Fool boards. They are different from reddit, Twitter, Facebook, or Yahoo were snappy little one-liners may be welcome. Note: some of the links are not up to date, e.g. the non-threaded view is no longer available.

  • The Motley Fool’s Community Posting Guidelines. We urge you to read and study them first before posting on any TMF board.

Posting Guidelines for Saul’s Investing Discussions

To profit most from this highly focused board, we suggest reviewing the links below to Saul’s investing approach and philosophy, especially The KnowledgeBase many of us have read and reread several times. The knowledge contained therein is priceless, and for many of us here, it has been literally life-changing. Since this board has attracted many well-informed, analytical minds, including industry insiders, we also found a review of several months worth of prior posts extremely helpful. All of this valuable information is given generously and freely to help us be better investors.

An Introduction to Saul’s Investing Philosophy

A superb introduction to Saul’s development as an investor is his letter to his daughter, followed by the first five references, posted under Announcements on the right-hand panel. If the announcements panel does not show up on the right, click “unthreaded” and it will. You can shift back to “threaded” and the panel should remain, at least until next time.

In addition, Saul’s End of Month Summaries provide insight into each of his investing decisions. Several other investors provide extremely useful end of month summaries as well.

1. An investing primer for my daughter,

2. KnowledgeBase in three parts, is Saul’s compilation of his basic investing philosophy:

3. Saul has picked several of his classic posts to aid you. Here they are:

4. Here is a recent example of how Saul evaluates and follows a stock:

You will also find many, many excellent deep dives by other investors on the board.

5. Saul’s End of Month Portfolio Summaries, Info Respository For Saul's Board


1. How to find out if a stock has already been discussed, see the search tools below, also to be found on the right-hand panel (both need updating)::

2. HOW TO PRESENT A NEW GROWTH STOCK in a format that will generate lots of engagement. Tossing out a simple “What do you think about XYZ” onto this board won’t cut it. You have to tell us about the company, what it does, and why you like it. Here are a few examples of SaaS companies and other fast-growing companies currently not the focus of this board:

a. Discussion of SaaS-type companies currently the focus of this board:

b. Fast-growing companies NOT currently the focus of this board but welcome if presented as follows:

3. CMF_muji’s Distilling Knowledge, a summary of accumulated wisdom from many of this board’s members, outlining the investing criteria for hypergrowth stocks,

4. If you are an INVESTING NOVICE and you are looking for basic information, we have prepared a list of good references for you. It is posted here so as to not clutter up this board.

5. List of Discussion Boards for Topics not suitable for Saul’s Discussions,

NOTE: direct e-mails can no longer be sent and the unthreaded version no longer exists on this platform.

We hope that this was of help,

Saul and Assistant Board Managers