Western sanctions ARE taking their toll

Senior Kremlin official admits Western sanctions ARE taking their toll on Russia as he says measures have ‘practically broken’ all trade routes in and out of the country

Minister of Transport Vitaly Savelyev made the comments to reporters Saturday

He said Russia was being forced to find alternative routes to continue trade

Western sanctions have all but closed Russia’s traditional trade routes to Asia

Instead, Savelyev said Russia is considering using the North-South trade route

The Kremlin official said there are three key Russian ports on the Caspian sea that could be involved in the North-South route that is being considered - the Olya port, the Astrakhan port and the Makhachkala port - according to Interfax.

However, he implied these ports do not have the capacity to cope with the level of trade Russian previously enjoyed using other routes.



Sanctions work both ways. Russia has cut oil-gas-fertilizer exports. Will recessions occur in the US and/or EU from rising energy & food prices? Could that impact sitting politicians in upcoming elections?
Ukraine-Russia war has expanded to an economic war between western nations & Russia.