WFH with 2 full-time remote jobs?

These People Who Work From Home Have a Secret: They Have Two Jobs…

When the pandemic freed employees from having to report to the office, some saw an opportunity to double their salary on the sly. Why be good at one job, they thought, when they could be mediocre at two?

How would they even know you were mediocre? I worked a few places in my career where management measured performance by “time sitting in the chair” (sitting in the chair on Saturday earned extra Brownie points) rather than “work product produced.”

From the article:

“It’s two jobs for one,” says a 29-year-old software engineer who has been working simultaneously for a media company and an events company since June. He estimates he was logging three to 10 hours of actual work a week back when he held down one job. “The rest of it is just attending meetings and pretending to look busy.”



From the movie “Office Space” – Management Consultants interview staff ahead of the layoffs.


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