What a very nice day!

What a very nice day! My entire portfolio was up 3.1% in a day. That’s a lot in one day. The S&P and Russell 2000 averaged up 1.1%. My gain was led by my second largest position, LGIH, which announced home closings, and was up 12.7% on the day, and by GBX, my second smallest position, which announced quarterly results, and was up 5.9%. Since these were basic industry (home building and railroad cars), I think it bodes well for the economy, which certainly isn’t going over a cliff. Here were the entire day’s results:

LGIH		 12.7%
GBX		  5.9%
CBM		  5.1%
ANET		  3.7%
AMZN		  2.7%
SHOP		  2.6%
SNCR		  1.7%
CYBR		  1.6%
SWKS		  1.5%
CASY  	          1.3%
MITK		  1.1%
SBNY		  0.7%
INFN		  0.7%
PN		  0.5%
SKX		  0.2%
INBK		 (0.1%)

I hope you enjoyed the day as well.



Mine was up too Saul, 2.8 %.

Part of it was because of my oversized 20% position in TSLA (a long story stock).

But when it goes down it has a out of proportion effect on my overall port.

I see why you decided to reduce the size of your top 4. I might do so too, with TSLA… But I think their continuing story will be a good one.
They are a unique company and may become the first successful start up car company in the last 100 yrs.

I like the way you invest Saul. Modified buy and hold. Yes ! :slight_smile:


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