What are you thankful for?

Like most people, thankful we are blessed with good family, friends, reasonable health, etc. Nah, that is too modest and being humble. I am not here to be humble but to brag. Yeah, if you are lucky, just brag about it, don’t be humble and timid. OK, there are few things I am truly thankful for, my brother after having a serious illness, made it back, I am thankful for that, and for the new job, and lastly this…

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This year so far… Of course I am not comparing with QQQ :slight_smile:

Stock market is a modern miracle. It lets those who are not entrepreneurial to generate wealth on others success. For which we should be very thankful. There are many days I felt I have benefitted more from some company stocks than the workers in those companies. There are times when a stock gains due to layoff (I am not a bleeding heart socialist or communist), I feel bit guilty of those gains. May you and your loved ones have a wonderful Thanksgiving.