What happened to Biotech Breakthroughs?

Have a lot of services disappeared? Or I just can’t see them because I am not in them? How many services are there now? All I can see is “Switch to premium”. Maybe I am behind the times because I haven’t looked at the site for a while.

No, I think they are still there. Let’s see:

Air Force
Coast Guard
And the new one. Space Patrol or something like that.

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Hi @Nette54

Biotech Breakthroughs (and many other services) still exists - but its ‘boards’ are on the premium side…this is the free side.

If you click Switch to Premium, you’ll see categories for the services to which you belong, as well as Premium Central - a place for general discussion and for discussing companies in the MF universe. I think all you’ll see is Stock Advisor and Premium Central.

Thanks, I do have “Premium” and I see “Stock Advisor” and the “Million Acres” with locks on them. But I don’t see Biotech Breakthroughs anymore.

It’s still there, it’s just that you don’t currently have a subscription to it. And if you do, then you should contact Member Services so they can fix your profile and subscriptions.

I forgot I moved MillionAcres into the ‘available to all Premium” before I left on vacation about a week ago - you might just ignore that, it won’t make much sense to folks who weren’t subscribed to it before it was closed.


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