A bunch of talk of biotechs recently on this board.

I’m definitely no expert, but I do notice on my daily market lists that usually 4 of the top 5 winners each day are biotechs…and 4 of the 5 top losers each day are biotechs. I’ve owned a couple over the years, usually I do really well for a while, I don’t get out because I’m a very optimistic investor and think they’re going to the moon, then they crash and I’m suddenly NOT doing so well.

Regardless, I’m sure everyone here knows it, but those daily top 5 winners/losers definitely prove that biotechs are the most volatile stocks around, tread carefully!


I delegate biotechs to BBH, bought at extreme lows and topped up when even lower. That way I’m in and I don’t have to give them a single thought.

On the same basis, I have also become happy with my Huge Incomprehensible Phenomena ETFs (mainly to cover AMZN, FB, GOOGL but also AAPL and MSFT). These are QQQ, FDN and UK:SMT. Again, when discussion of the investment merits of a HIP is under discussion, mercifully I can switch off.

I think the thing with investment is the allocation of time to what you are good at. I discovered rather painfully I was no good at all at investing in HIPs.