What is the Rule on Stock Discussion?

So what is the “RULE” on discussing a stock on these forums? When IS it appropriate to discuss a stock? Is there some volume/price/threshold that it has to cross? I’m just curious.

I’ve had 2 posts that I made about a new stock (not going to mention it) that went public a few days ago - and BOTH have been deleted.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Just a wild guess here, but the Fool has always prohibited discussing penny stocks - those trading below $5 per share IIRC.

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@LakeEffect - A plausible line-of-thought. Though, when one did violate Motley Fool terms, one usually received an email indicating that a post had violated terms of posting. IIRC, penny stocks are those trading under $1. For instance, on another board, I have posted on a stock that trades under $3, and the post/thread has remained. OTOH, a Pink Sheets idea trading @ 50c, might well result in a “dreaded warning email”

Hi @LakeEffect,

No they haven’t.

What they do not like is someone coming to the boards in a previously dormant account suddenly hyping a penny stock with multiple posts in a variety of places because that is exactly what Pump-and-Dump groups do.

Does that help you?

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Thanks for the information!
If the stock does better in the near future, I’ll come here and post again and get some feedback.
I’ll stay quiet about it until that time.
Have a nice week!

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As Gene said, we would allow posts about a penny stock (or any company really) if it was a well thought out post discussing the company, its history, financials, the total addressable market, any competitors, management, etc.

But posts that just mention a company, a link to another place and a share price with the comment that’s it’s going higher are pump and dump spam-like and are going to be pulled.

Don’t worry about the share price doing better in the future, worry more about why it might be a good investment. Write that up and ask folks for help and your post (mostly likely) won’t get pulled.


Will do. Thank you for the feedback.
I’ll wait 3-4 months before I come back on it.
Have a nice holiday!