What makes Mr Beast a successful youtuber at age 25

At age 25, he’s now getting $600 to $700 million/yr in revenue from his youtube videos.



Fascinating and right up there with GCC as a risky journey into unknown waters.

I see him and this utterly different type of guy

as doing the most interesting experimenting/thinking about what is going on between our weirder and weirder viewing habits, our brain structure, and our changing more rapidly than ever society.

Where the hell are we going?

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A while back he paid for 1,000 cataract surgeries and was criticized for exploiting the patients. One of the patients pushed back saying “nobody else was offering to pay.”


He just had a promotion where Mr Beast spent $1 million plus to find homes for 100 dogs. That’s like $10,000 per dog. It seems to me that you’d save more dogs by donating the $1 million directly to various “no kill” shelters.


Huh? How do you make an entertaining video about donating $1M to shelters? This has nothing at all to do with dogs, it has to do with making videos that’ll get millions of viewers and garner good sponsors that pay big $$$.


Exactly! It’s a media company, not a charitable organization.

Kind of like the people who say, “If you need health care, do a GoFundMe”. {{ LOL }}


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Follow the money? It leads to curious places

My dad was in the hotel and restaurant business in Caracas. At first he hosted Xmas parties for orphans. Later he added Mother’s Day events for unwed mothers, and also lunches for the elderly and the Caracas Symphony orchestra. In Berlin he had been a salesman. He understood public relations and he got coverage of his charitable events in the local newspapers.

Someone accused him of using these events as public relation stunts to which he replied, “I wish more people did this kind of public relations.”

The Captain

PS: There is a difference between private initiative, which I applaud, and collective government action which I find dangerous.

PPS: Are dogs worth it?


What resonates most, perhaps, is how he’s leveraged his platform not just for entertainment but as a force for good, intertwining success with social impact. This fusion of creativity, business savvy, and a genuine desire to make a difference is what many of us aspire to. Watching MrBeast’s journey unfold offers not just entertainment but a blueprint on the potential of blending passion with purpose. His story is a testament to the power of thinking big, giving back, and constantly innovating.

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Yes, good for him.

However, the forms and modes of his success via extremely large scale entertainment/emotional manipulation give me pause. As more follow the tiktok path I think humanity will find itself bewildered in an extremely dangerous and strange wilderness.

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This is really very interesting to me as an artist.

I follow a NYC art critic. Sometimes talking with him.

NYC art critics are extremely into diversity. He shows work in galleries by all sorts of people. Very good…but not so fast.

He is imparting the idea that the diverse artists are up and coming and main stream.

He is wrong. They are working in reflected light.

The white males have moved to projected light. Digital art as opposed to oil paints.

If the new guard of diverse artists want to be cutting edge digital is the way to go.

Only one woman I know is well out ahead of anyone in the digital arena. But she will not compete on making money. Not her thing. There are male artists I have seen that are the same.

You might say Beast is not an artist? He is working with digital imagery all day long.

He is a reality show vendor. That is low art, often at the lowest end of the scale.

But in fairness, before this post I had never heard of him, so I am unfamiliar with his work, at least some of which seem estimable. I am more familiar with the likes of Johnny Knoxville (I live in Knoxville), originator of the series “Jacka$$”. Also “art”, but not any that I would recommend to anyone.

(Note: velveteen paintings of dogs playing poker is also “art” by strict definition, but so is the sound of a closet full of tin cans falling on a xylophone called “music”.)


yeah…anything in a short or tiktok is low grade materials.

Although…still not a Hollywood production.

He has major concerns with image quality. Makes him an artist. Plus he has orchestrated a lot of events. Writing scripts if you will even if off the cuff.

There are a lot of fine artists who say it is therapy or they are not in it for the money. Kind of crazy stuff as well.

Also, there are a lot of fine artists who rough it up compared to Hollywood.