What next for Covid treatment?

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After watching Congress investigating covid-19 and listening to the “I’m Science Fauci Clown” I have decided against any further covid boosters. The reason I took the early shots was because they seemed safe enough but after listening to Fauci it’s all a big joke, and the joke is on us! The guy should be in jail for life!

Reminds me of Ancel Keys.

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but after listening to Fauci it’s all a big joke, and the joke is on us! The guy should be in jail for life!

Not arguing but could you dispense a quote or a link or two where Fauci insinuates that the shots have all been a joke? I am assuming that means they have had all the efficacy mercury had on syphilis in the 19th century.


You knew him well???

Someone else said they aren’t arguing. Good idea. I’ll just state facts.

Dr. Fauci is one of the premier medical scientists of our time.

If you think he is a clown, you are wrong.

Of course, you have the freedom to be wrong, just like I have the freedom to point out the sheer idiocy of your statement above.



I think you misunderstood.

The snipe at Fauci is an oft repeated iteration of stuff that appears on websites designed to convince the bullible and easily bamboozled that we’ve been misled by public health agencies on the severity of Covid and the need for a vaccination program…not that Dr. Fauci himself has made this silly claim.

Similar to the remark on Ancel Keys in fact…basically a repetition of nitwittery written about these two admirable scientists and not by them.


Paxlovid works well if taken soon after symptoms appear. A friend of mine used it with good results.
Wendy (still trying hard to avoid Covid but making contingency plans)


Of course not! Fauci wants everyone to believe him because he is SCIENCE! Fauci’s science does not accept doublers because Fauci is infallible science!

The Congressional investigation has found that Fauci has conflicts of interest in virology research. During one session Fauci pronounced himself Mr. Science, later he back pedaled a bit realizing the enormity of his presumption. I would suggest you look up the videos of Fauci’s Congressional testimony so you can make up your own mind.

I say Fauci is a joke because science is about testing everything. There is no such thing as settled science. All there is our current best understanding. The Big Bang has been settled science for a few decades but now the new James Webb Space Telescope is putting it in doubt. For a time nothing could escape a black hole until it was discovered that there is a quantum mechanism that makes it possible

James Webb Just Detected A Huge Structure Older Than The Universe!

Hawking Radiation

Here is a a starting point to finding Fauci’s Congressional testimony

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That’s why I made it clear I wasn’t arguing with you.

That statement at the very beginning of the first video has always been my position on science. In fact, all we know as truth. It’s all just what we know at the time based on our instrumentation and our ability to interpret what the instrumentation is saying or appears to be saying.

It makes me laugh. In recent years, the “science ex machina” (note the word play here) types like to interrupt themselves with the word “empirical” as if that means “proof.” It means “We saw it do that the last time so we will go forward assuming it always does that. If it doesn’t we will assume it is an outlier and not care about it OR the thermometer is broken. It’s really what we assumed it would be.” Yes, that’s what empirical means. The empirical data for 100,000 years showed that the sun moved around the earth. Nothing has changed in the process.

Regarding, not just Fauci but, the whole COVID thing: I saw a naked, almost comically produce power grab on the part of everyone. Yes, science too. Swearing to things no one could swear to while paying the “We just don’t know” card all the time. Recommending things on the basis of “science” but no one knew anything ergo no science. No one had considered just being honest. Probably because it would show them to be clueless and looking for answers they could not give. But they wanted to look like The Parent. They wanted credit for everything and responsibility for nothing. Ditto this for the usual: Politicians, The Media, Right Wing and Left Wing power centers, and honest, earnest, work-a-day Americas given for whatever reason to take sides because it makes them “feel right” or feel safe or whatever.

Authority figures and subject matter experts are like eye witnesses in a court case. They’re better than nothing but you can never know how much better. At least eye witnesses usually have little reason to lie. The other two…???


Even the “regular” flu shot is mostly just virtue signaling. Here --according to the CDC’s own data-- is a record of its effectiveness.

OTOH, there was an Army study done in 2021 that showed that them who got the regular flu shot increased their chances of getting covid by 38%.

OTOH, yet again, at my boat-building club this morning, it was asked how many had caught covid. Nearly everyone said they had. But they also confessed they didn’t know they had it until they were tested.

So, what’s the best way to sell a “preventative” for an illness people don’t even know they have? Test, test, test, and ignore two facts. 1#, there will be false positives. #2, there hasn’t yet been devised a test that is specific to covid.

Forgot to blame science. They were acting, presumably, in good faith based on their science. In fact I tend to blame the Government less in these matters than the subject matter experts. “The Government” as such cannot be expected to know all about every detail of every issue especially things recently flagged, rightly or wrongly, as being “of concern.” Like the rest of us who cannot be our own doctors, dentists, plumbers, electricians, mechanics etc, they’re only as good as the data they are given and the trustworthiness & sincerity of those presenting it.

I had heard the expression “Deus ex machina” but never bothered to find out what it meant. Your cue, “(note the word play here),” made me look it up, reducing my ignorance somewhat! Thanks!

My own take is that covid was used as one more tool of government control that started after 9/11 with the Patriot Act, in essence, give up your freedom so we can keep you safe. A demeaning bargain! Orwell’s 1984 in disguise!

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"…They were acting, presumably, in good faith based on their science. "

Don’t be so naïve. Our dear gov’t --with exceptions like Rand Paul-- does what it is told to do by them who fund their election campaigns, namely, Big Oil, Big Tech, Big Pharma, etc.

The CDC and FDA --for the most part-- are merely advertising and sales offices for Modera, etc. “Public health” is a very distant second consideration. So, NO! Our dear gov’t cannot be excused, nor we the voters who tolerate such corruption.


And like a good scientist, he does test things and changes his mind when the testing indicates a difference from what is believed to date. One has to remember that this is a brand new disease, i.e., we started out knowing absolutely nothing about it. Moreover, it keeps mutating left and right and changing characteristics.


With government it is sometimes hard to tell if they are “useful idiots,” victims of temptation, or outright crooks. :innocent:

Take experts with a pinch of salt.

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Might have been true until he told Congress with not a wisp of shame, “I AM THE SCIENCE!”

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Money talks, BS walks! That’s a universal rule, angels are too busy elsewhere to run governments. :wink:

I don’t particularly mind as long as they don’t mess with my freedom. It takes someone with lots of money, like Elon Musk, to successfully take on the establishment. Let’s see how he fares.

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You just made my point/ I was trying to be somewhat neutral / benign but Ok, yes the Gov is owned and operated by business interests and other interest groups. Maybe I should have said "At best the government is only as good as it’s data etc…

When I said they were acting in good faith based on their science I was not referring to Gov. I was referring to the sources of information ie those people who own the government. IAW your view there is no government just special interests (all of them money centers) who control it. This is the absolute fallacy of libertarianism. Yes, I am referring to that Mr Government himself, Mr Paul. How is he so virginal? In the total absence of all Government there will still be Government. Nope, that is not a metaphysical paradox nor is it clumsily worded. Always and everywhere power will exist. All power is corrupt (The cry of the Libertarian) Those with the power will be the government like it or not. They, not any elected, beholden (well in theory anyway) duly constituted representative of The Governed. It’s the Trojan Horse of Libertarianism. The question is, whose interests do you want the gov to be working in service of?

I will not engage any further cussin’ or discussin’ the merits of Libertarianism. I just wanted to go on record as not being one of the All Government Must Die! crowd or in the What we Really Need is The Government Telling Us What to Do! group.

Lobbyists are chumps by comparison, the real owner of the government is the cartel of banks that owns the Fed.

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That which doesn’t kill you, mutates and tries again.