What Our Board Is All About

This board is not for discussing buy and hold forever with portfolios of 50 to 200 stocks. Some people love that method, are very content with it, and if you want to discuss it just go ahead and start a new board if there isn’t one already.

Our board isn’t for traders either. No one here buys a stock with the idea of selling it 5% or 10% or 20% later. We buy special high growth stocks which we hope can at least triple. We buy with the hope of holding “forever” which on average turns out to be somewhere between six months and four years, until the business has changed or its prospects have.

This method of investing has brought us previously unimaginable results. Please see my October end of the month results. You will see that since the beginning of 2017, my portfolio was up to 25 TIMES (that is 25 TIMES!!!) what it had started out at in four years and 10 months. This wasn’t one stock in 100 that the LTBH people talk about and say “Oh, look at Netflix!” This is the WHOLE PORTFOLIO that grew like that!!! As I wrote, those are really crazy numbers and there’s little likelihood that the next five years will do as well, but that’s what we do here.

If you are here to discuss how LTBH has brought you 5% more than the S&P, you are in the wrong board and are just clogging it up. If you want to discuss individual high growth companies, you are in the right place and welcome, and read the Knowledgebase.