What was the issue that was so important?

Apologies if this has been addressed, but I haven’t seen it labeled as such.

What is the issue that was supposedly so important to this annual meeting? Pre-meeting folks were pondering it. Have we decided on what it is?



Might have been the nuclear thing. He addressed that right at the top and wasn’t happy about having to talk about it. My summary, from memory: that it was the greatest threat we (humans/Berkshire) face, esp., because people can be self-destructive. Probabilities for such a thing, although he said low, he also said, actually, high if someone with an ego/pride issue is in a situation without safeguards.

Which is why he talked a lot about Berkshire being consciously built to withstand anything–short of a nuclear war.

Ajit also said his greatest fear was that there is the possibility/probability(?)that fire loss arising from an attack may not be shielded no matter how a policy is written.

It was top of mind because the situation in the world makes a nuclear attack a probability not less than zero and more than it has been for a long time.