What's happening with our stocks?

What’s happening with our stocks instead of our companies? Yes I know it’s off topic but, since it’s my board, I take liberties now and then. If you don’t like me occasionally taking liberties, no one is keeping you on this board.

Since this post is off-topic, if you have comments or questions please contact me off board. This post is just for fun and to be interesting with no wonderful hidden meaning at all

First, we’ll talk about what happened this week, a week which got headlines like:
Stocks Tumble in Worst Week Since Beginning of Pandemic
The S&P 500 dropped 5.8 percent as fears of runaway inflation persisted.

Those were from the New York Times by the way, not a scandal sheet, and the results of our stocks showed just how irrational the market can be. You have to keep in mind that one week’s results may just reflect a large hedge fund being forced to liquidate a position, or another taking one on. Our companies don’t have trillion dollar values and can be moved by circumstances like that.

Well this week, while the S&P dropped 5.8%, Datadog, which is the largest position in most of our portfolios, including mine, dropped from $96.20 to $85.63, down 11.0%. No there was no bad news of any kind. Who knows why!

And while the S&P and DataDog were dropping like rocks, guess which companies were up on the week. A lot of people have talked about exiting Sentinel, and just about everyone has exited Monday. Well, Sentinel was up 3.2% and Monday was up a quarter of a percent, and they were the only stocks I’m holding which were positive on the week. (I’ve been building positions in these over a number of weeks, by the way, very slowly, and Sentinel is up to 16.9%, and Monday to 4.2%, of my portfolio). There’s no message there, just the impossibility of guessing the market.

How about how they have done the last four weeks? Here they are in order of results.

**CRWD, from $148.7 to $163.9	UP    10.2% !!!** 
**MDB, from $248.1 to $249.75	UP     0.7%**
**S, from $24.77 to $23.27	down   6.1%**
**BILL, from $ 118.6 to $109.5  	down   7.7%**
**DDOG, from $94.8 to $85.6	down   9.7%**
**MNDY, from $114.3 to $97.6	down  14.6%**
**SNOW from $141.5 to $119.4	down  15.6%**
**NET, from $55.7 to $41.2 	down  26.0%**

They average down 8.6%. So how did my portfolio do? It was down 8.4% in those same four weeks. Makes sense.

Well, what the heck happened to Cloudflare, down 26%! And isn’t it nice that Crowd and Mongo are actually up for the four weeks

By the way, CRWD is up to a 15.3% position in my portfolio. Partly through adding to it but probably mostly by it rising while everything else was dropping. And no, I have no idea why Cloudflare dropped 26% in a week. I did add some late this week at $39.60.

Next, how much each is off its low since this decline started. Here they are in order of results.

**CRWD, from $130.0 to $163.9	up      26.1% !!!** 
**S, from $18.64 to $23.27	up      24.8%**
**BILL, from $89.9 to $109.5 	up      21.8%**
**MDB, from $213.4 to $249.75	up      17.0%**
**MNDY, from $87.05 to $97.60	up      12.1%**
**SNOW from $110.3 to $119.4	up       8.3%**
**NET, from $38.96 to $41.21, 	up       5.8%**
**DDOG, from $81.1 to $85.6	up       5.6%**

Well, Crowdstrike topped both lists, and Sentinel came in 3rd and 2nd, and how about Crowd, Sentinel, and Bill each up over 20% from their lows, and Mongo and Monday up over 12%.

Shows how statistics can be impressive but also how statistics can lie. Datadog, for instance has nothing at all wrong with their business. They are not up much from their lows because they held up well for a long while and are just down recently, like this week, and haven’t had a chance to bounce back yet.

I hope that you did find this to be interesting for your weekend.



Saul, did you completely exit ZS? I saw that you sold a 1/3 of it recently but didn’t see a complete exit unless I overlooked it.

Thank you,


Saul wrote: haven’t had a chance to bounce back yet.

Speaking of bouncing back. It is interesting how these SaaS companies bounce back in comparison to even triple leveraged ETFs!

So the average SaaS stock has risen double that of even 3x leveraged ETFs - 31.32% compared to 15.03%!

**Saul Investing Picks                         Recent Low  % Gain  Symbol**
Bill Com Holdings Inc                        5/12/2022   38.60%  BILL
Sentinelone Inc Cl A                         5/12/2022   37.34%  S
Mongodb Inc Cl A                             5/26/2022   36.19%  MDB
Crowdstrike Holdings Inc Cl A                5/12/2022   34.54%  CRWD
Zscaler Inc                                  5/18/2022   30.08%  ZS
Snowflake Inc Cl A                           6/14/2022   29.79%  SNOW
Monday Com Ltd                               5/11/2022   27.63%  MNDY
Datadog Inc Cl A                             6/16/2022   24.01%  DDOG
Cloudflare Inc Cl A                          6/16/2022   23.72%  NET
 **Average     31.32%** 
**3x Leveraged ETFs                            Recent Low  % Gain  Symbol**
Direxion Daily Ftse China Bull 3x Shares     5/12/2022   57.85%  YINN
Direxion Daily Real Estate Bull 3x Shares    6/16/2022   21.38%  DRN
Proshares Ultrapro Qqq                       6/16/2022   18.81%  TQQQ
Direxion Technology Bull 3x Shares           6/16/2022   17.14%  TECL
Direxion Small Cap Bull 3x Shares            6/16/2022   13.53%  TNA
Direxion Daily S&p 500 Bull 3x Shares        6/17/2022   13.49%  SPXL
Proshares Ultrapro Russell2000               6/16/2022   13.43%  URTY
Proshares Ultrapro S&p 500                   6/17/2022   13.40%  UPRO
Proshares Ultrapro Dow30                     6/17/2022   10.56%  UDOW
Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bull 3x Shares  6/17/2022   9.77%   SOXL
Ultrapro Midcap400                           6/16/2022   9.34%   UMDD
Direxion Mid Cap Bull 3x Shares              6/16/2022   9.28%   MIDU
Direxion Financial Bull 3x Shares            6/16/2022   8.42%   FAS
Direxion Emerging Markets Bull 3x Shares     5/12/2022   5.76%   EDC
Direxion Energy Bull 2x Shares               6/23/2022   3.36%   ERX
                                             **Average     15.03%** 

Oh, how I hated you Saulonians, with your doubles, triples and newly purchased rental properties, high fives and ass slaps!

Twenty years ago, I subscribed to the now-shuttered Hidden Gems newsletter. Tom Gardner informed us that, historically, small cap value has outperformed every asset class, so that became my focus. To my horror, that asset class has been pathetic, and salt on the wound was you Saulonians.

But I’m pleased to announce that this market’s blood in the streets has created a situation that’s as compelling as it gets…“hyper growth at a ‘value’ price” YES PLEASE.

I’m not close to converted, and still look at concentrated hyper growth with a raised Spockian eyebrow. But the fact that this contrarian value investor has been loading up on growth since March is headline news!

Apologies for off topic, hopefully I got a chuckle from my interruption.